Musicianship beyond the instrument. Linguistic approach to help you become a creative-mind capable of speaking through music.


Details of my lesson curriculums are highly tailored to the individual. Although, over the years I have found that there are topics that are universally helpful to students regardless of their levels. I take a holistic approach in my education to facilitate growth of your musicianship that extends beyond the realm of just guitars to help you become a creative individual capable of understanding music to communicate and express. 

Some of the topics I cover in lessons are as following:

  • Chord vocabulary   
    • Extensions, substitution, and reharmonization to help you sound fresh and get out of the rut.
  • Practical application of music theory with purpose
    • Music theory is simply a way to systematically communicate different elements of music so we can all be on the same page when we want to talk about certain sound. It is not meant to be daunting or intimidating to access. One of my main goals as a teacher is to introduce students the real way that music is supposed to be taught: much like learning a language. 
    • I focus on providing a solid foundation that will enable you to understand and absorb valuable information simply by listening to other good music. you will learn a concrete system to analyze and understand music, so that you can hear a moment of music and break it down to understand why and how it sounds the way it does, and be able to recreate it. It's truly a powerful skill to have.
    • Some of the topics I cover for this are: chord functions, chord-scales, modes, chromaticism, voice leading, etc 


Technique is there to serve you execute whatever it is in your head. 

Some of the topics I cover are: ergonomics, proper muting technique, alternate picking, legato, hybrid picking, double stops, vibrato, bending, etc

  •  Improvisation 
    • Improvisation is much like a real-time speech. I believe that improvisation consists of 2 parts working in harmony (a little bit of pun intended).
      1. library of vocabularies developed in the past, and 2. ability to fluently and instantly react to the current moment (chord). 
    • I aim to help you with both of the aspects by developing a system of note choice based on intervallic relationship of the notes and the chords to enable you to convey what you hear in your head in 100% intention and conviction, but at the same time requires minimal thought process so that your lines are cohesive and fluent.  


My current rates for lessons (in-person / and virtual) are as follows: 

$75 for 1-hour  

$50 for 30-minute 

$250 for 4 lessons booked as a bundle